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We are always looking for solutions which benefit both builings and the world. With our advanced software we create win-win situations in which comfort, health and energy are key elements.

Our approach for your building

1. Make an inventory of your installations

Every large building features many building installations. The current building manager often does not know what installations are present and in what condition they are. The control technology is also often put into operation upon delivery, after which it is no longer looked at. Installations are probably not entirely up-to-date. Climatics provides a clear overview of current installations.

2. Make your installation transparent

All connected installations are immediately visible in Climatics. Which installations are present and when and how they function, is now becoming more visible. Their performance is tracked endlessly, until a complete picture of the performance of your installation is created.

3. Collect data

Only by measuring frequently and accurately we can get a complete picture of where there is room for improvement. Every 10 seconds Climatics collects data from all installations and sensors in your building. These are stored endlessly. Precise analysis can only be performed with such amounts of data.

4. Optimize

Climatics can make adjustments in your own hardware and software that help your installation to function more efficiently.

5. Customize your software

Undoubtedly, some software is already in place on your installations. This is often obsolete and hard to adjust to modern standards. Climatics can easily create new, much more efficient, controls based on modern software.

6. Hardware customization

You now have a complete picture of your installation and optimized where possible. To further optimize, it may be necessary to replace some hardware in your control box. That can provide even better control.

We promise...

Data belong to the customer

Data is collected, stored and processed with Climatics. We use this software to control and optimize your building as well as possible. But the data we use is not in our possession. We promise, they remain yours.

We store data indefinitely

And don’t throw anything away. Only in this way can buildings be optimized best.

Continuity guaranteed

All knowledge and data are managed by our Continuity Foundation. It serves to provide you with the guarantees of a functioning system.

Climatics - building platform

The Smartbase: a 'set-up-box'

We need a powerful computer to map out all building-related installations. That is why we developed the Smartbase. This is a small industrial computer that is connected to the rest of the installations in the control box. All sensors and HVAC-installations are linked to Climatics by this box. In Climatics you can log in quickly and securely from any location and you have all your installations in sight.

In addition to insight into the installation, Climatics also offers the opportunity to gain insight into the processes that run in the building. Is the heating on unnecessarily? Is the boiler set correctly? And what about energy consumption in the transition to another season?

Climatics offers the unique possibility to make reports over the long term. We never throw away data, which makes it easier to track and interpret processes. Based on all collected data, Climatics can adjust the settings of your installation so that it functions more efficiently. In addition, it is possible to extensively optimize your installations together with our expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


Our building platform Climatics is the basis of everything we offer. With the Climatics software, the processes in your building become transparent and the installations can be better controlled. Climatics comes in multiple shapes and sizes, adapted to your specific needs.

At ACS we can also:

  • Carry out a complete building control project
  • Manage a healthy indoor climate with Healthy Buildings.
  • Supply BaOpt: for rooms with high ceilings or areas where the indoor climate must always be in perfect condition (for example for swimming pools or museums)
  • Provide full service and maintenance

Smart clients

Improve your building, start measuring

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