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Climatics for consultants

Real estate without an ICT installation or electrical installation – and therefore with an uncomfortable indoor environment – ​​is no longer an option. It is important for technical and construction consultants to think carefully about the design of a technical installation at an early stage.

design vs. ultimate building comfort

In practice, we often see a difference in the design, implementation and end result. People use different data sets or choose (whether or not because of the price) to make adjustments to the design. As a result, the end result is not in line with what the consultant had in mind.

Climatics supplies:

  • Smart building management and energy management system
  • Fast installation and integration
  • Drawing tool for installation-technical design
  • Simulation and calculation model

Validate installation engineering design

With Climatics, an advisor has the option of making a technical installation design and validating it with practical data. We developed a drawing tool which provides the bridge between design and realization. In addition, a simulation model is being developed to simulate a technical installation design. A big plus for you as a consultant, to be able to validate in advance whether the design is as energy-efficient as expected.

Your benefits as an ACS partner:

  • Training in technical application Climatics, drawing tool and simulation model
  • Knowledge partner for complex customer questions
  • 24/7 Service desk

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