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When we are in a building we like to feel comfortable. A comfortable indoor climate plays a major role in this. We offer solutions to make your indoor climate more pleasant.

Comfortable buildings

It is important that there is a pleasant indoor climate in the buildings we visit. How do we know what is pleasant?

With the help of sensors, AI and feedback from your visitors, we can help you determine this. We then optimize your building to achieve the desired conditions.

Comfortable indoor climate

The indoor climate in your building plays a major role in creating a pleasant environment. We specialize in optimizing ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems for maximum comfort.

What we can do for a more pleasant indoor climate:

  • Minimize temperature differences
  • Preventing heat from rising to the ceiling and cold staying near the floors
  • Eliminate drafts
  • Allow air from your ventilation system to reach all corners of the room

Smart control

Sensors and AI form the basis of our solutions. For a pleasant environment, for example, it is important that there is not too much CO2 in the air. We feel better in rooms with sufficient oxygen. That is why more ventilation is required when more people are in a room.

In addition, all sensor data is stored so that our AI can learn from it. No two buildings are the same, of course. This makes rooms a little more comfortable every day. After all, data knows better.

  • Well-ventilated, pleasant areas with low CO2 levels, always
  • Data-driven optimization with AI
  • A pleasant temperature and humidity

Keep track with Climatics

Climatics provides you with 24/7, real-time virtual access to your building.

Improve your building with Climatics

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