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Energy neutral

We are all faced with a challenge as to how we can maintain a liveable climate now and in the future. A lot of energy gains can be made in buildings. ACS offers smart solutions to save energy and even become energy neutral in the long term.

Make better use of energy

All our efforts at ACS revolve around comfort, health and energy. The latter is perhaps the most important in our current time of energy scarcity and climate change. In the future, energy neutral buildings will be required. But we can already start, also in existing buildings.

Buildings, worldwide, are responsible for 40% of total energy consumption. We can save perhaps half here, with smart building control. Optimal energy use is the starting point for becoming energy neutral. No waste and no overproduction. With smart control we can therefore maybe generate 20% less energy worldwide!

Energy neutral, step by step

Making an existing building energy neutral is a major task. ACS is happy to monitor every building to see what the best route is to deal with energy as effectively as possible.

We start by harvesting low-hanging fruit: smart use of energy. In the vast majority of cases, a lot of energy can be saved. This is an important first step in making a building energy neutral. Is there heating on at night? Are doors or windows open all day long?

We then look at the controls in your (climate) installation. Can the central heating boiler be set at a lower temperature? When is the best time to turn the heating on or off? Can the valves be adjusted in such a way that there is little or no overshoot?

Your investment is your return

During the entire process, data-driven optimization of your installation and any heat pumps and solar panels takes place. This will save you even more energy over time. You will save on your energy bill with every step we take. This leaves you with money that you can invest in the next step towards an energy-neutral building. In this way, your savings will increase and your ecological footprint will become smaller.

Your building energy neutral immediately

Are you having a new building built or are you renovating an existing building? Then you probably want to become (almost) energy neutral right away. ACS realizes, among other things, completely energy-neutral offices, schools, swimming pools, theaters and factories.

With smart technology, we ensure that heat pumps, solar panels, climate systems and such all work together perfectly and that they can use as little energy as possible.

In addition, we can install BaOpt in buildings with high spaces or atria or a specific need for stable and homogeneous air conditions. This is a highly efficient ventilation, heating and air conditioning system. This system consumes about 30% less fan energy and 10% to 20% less energy for heating and cooling than conventional systems.

Climatics provides insight and control

With Climatics you can see exactly how much self-generated energy you use and to what extent your energy consumption has decreased after your last investment.

But it goes even further. Smart controls developed by us based on Artificial Intelligence allow your installations to function as optimally as possible.

In addition, it is becoming increasingly important to meet certain government requirements and standards in the field of energy. For example, an average building larger than a house must be able to demonstrate their actual energy consumption. Climatics is also very suitable for this purpose. It meets all standards set for an EMS/EBS and GACS.

Improve your building with Climatics

Curious to know what Climatics can do for your building? Contact us.