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We spend a lot of time in buildings. Therefore, a healthy indoor climate is very important. We offer tailor-made solutions to make your building healthier.

Healthy and fresh buildings

Health is an important issue in buildings that in many cases can still be improved. ACS offers solutions to make the indoor climate in your building as healthy as possible.

We realize:

  • Well-ventilated areas with adequate oxygen and low CO2 levels
  • Solutions to keep particulate matter out, for example
  • A healthy indoor climate without drafts and temperature differences

Fresh schools and universities

With full classrooms, it can be a challenge to achieve a healthy indoor climate. According to RVO, in 70-80% of classrooms for primary and secondary education, CO2 concentrations are too high.> 1200 ppm). However, good air conditions are of great importance to function and to be able to concentrate properly.

We have smart solutions for schools, colleges and universities to improve this. In this way, your pupils and students always learn in a healthy environment.

  • Optimal ventilation to prevent an excess of nitrogen, CO2 or particulate matter
  • Meets the legal requirements for Frisse Scholen

Particulate matter management

Particulate matter is a growing problem for the indoor climate of buildings. According to the World Health Organization, 12,000 people in the Netherlands die prematurely every year due to exposure to high concentrations of particulate matter. Many more people get sick from it. With ACS technology, you keep particulate matter out as much as possible and bring in healthy air.

  • ACS is a forerunner when it comes to measuring and managing particulate matter
  • We offer tailor-made solutions based on your situation and environment
  • Major improvements can often be achieved even with a limited budget

Healthier indoor climate

ACS has developed a healthy indoor climate system. This system reduces absenteeism in your organization and allows your visitors to work or play in a healthier environment.

The advantages:

  • Eliminate drafts, while treated air reaches all corners of the room
  • Temperature differences in a room to a minimum
  • Warm air does not rise to the roof
  • No more cold at the windows
  • Controlled by sensors (including CO2)

To prevent is better than to cure

In order to realize a healthy building, we measure air pollution both inside and outside. This prevents polluted air from entering your building. An example: does an external sensor measure particulate matter in the outside air from a truck running stationary? In that case, the Climatics building management system temporarily ‘closes’ the air supply from outside, so that no particulate matter enters the building.

In addition, the system anticipates recurring moments with air pollution. For example: there is a lot of particulate matter in the air between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. due to the busy traffic near your building. Climatics then ventilates extra between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., so that the ventilation valves can close for a while.

Improve your building with Climatics

Curious to know what Climatics can do for your building? Contact us.