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Save energy and
make your property more sustainable

A guaranteed 20% saving on your energy bill, without compromising on your comfort and with benefits for indoor air quality.

Connect to Climatics. Get a grip on your building installation, create reports or let Climatics generate automated controls to improve your installations performance for optimal energy use. We are happy to explain how we do this and why this solution is one of a kind.

YES! CES Innovation Award Honoree!

Great news! In January 2023 we will travel to Las Vegas, where we can show our beautiful product at the most influential tech fair in the world. This makes us one of the Top 20 Scale-Ups in the Netherlands who have been invited to participate in this prestigious project!

Measurements for better control

By using smart software based on data and machine learning, we can extensively optimize every building. From public (utility) buildings to theaters, offices and indoor swimming pools. You can save 20% on your energy bill, while maintaining perfect levels of comfort and indoor air quality.

Our building platform Climatics collects all data from your building installation. This provides you a deeper insight into the energy performance of your building. In addition, Climatics offers smart controls to extensively optimize your building. Our innovation in the field of building optimization is unique in the market. With ACS you are guaranteed to save 20% energy, before you make major investments such as the purchase of solar panels or heat pumps.

Data points per day processed in Climatics

The efficiency of data-based control is five times higher than that of solar panels...

The future

Advanced technology makes it possible to automize almost every aspect of our lives. Our cars, computers, mobile phones and industrial processes are state-of-the-art. But our buildings are still controlled with technology from the eighties! Data-based management is still only done on a small scale, but the effects on energy consumption are enormous. If we control a building optimally, 20% energy savings are immediately achievable, even in older buildings. Half the energy consumption can be saved when using completely new installations.

20% energy savings world wide

Yes, it is that important to start manage our buildings in a modern way. Buildings around the world are responsible for 40% (!) of total energy consumption. Still, building installations do no work together optimally: it is time for a change! Half the energy consumption in buildings can be reduced, just by the right control and coordination. Energy, that does not need to be generated. This is quite a few wind and solar parks that do not need to be built. Now, let’s take a step towards a modern approach to buildings.


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