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Climatics for installers

How do you progress as an installer in the age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence? With more and more IT, buildings are easier to monitor and control. By offering smart control technology you can distinguish yourself.

Control software in your product range

Climatics is IT-based hardware and software for controlling building-related installations. Climatics is a multi-user platform. Together with you, ACS records the installation in Climatics and the control software. You only need to install the hardware at your customer.

Upgrade building installations

Climatics is very suitable for upgrading old installations. This makes it unnecessary to install expensive, new hardware. With Climatics you add intelligence to make smarter use of existing systems. But complex customer questions such as managing air quality or collecting individual user feedback about indoor climate and comfort can also be realized quickly and effectively with Climatics.

Large reduction in installation time

By connecting a laptop, you, or your technician can see in an instant whether everything is installed correctly and whether everything is going according to plan. Any assembly errors are immediately signaled by the system and can be easily remedied. No complicated (I/O) tests and a greatly reduced installation time. The number of errors is kept to a minimum.

With Climatics you improve your product and service, you work more efficiently and you can switch to data-driven building technology at your own pace.

Training and support in control engineering

If you choose Climatics, we offer to carry out the first projects entirely for you. You will then experience for yourself how far the possibilities of the system extend and you can very efficiently bring in more functionality. Step by step and at your own pace, ACS moves from project supplier to your trusted supplier and knowledge partner for data-based building control. We train your people and take them into the world of Big Data and building technology. Climatics has a 24/7 service desk and extensive management tools for you and the user. An ideal way to properly arrange service and maintenance.

Your benefits as an ACS installation partner:

  • Training in Climatics, Big Data and IT
  • Project management
  • Knowledge partner for complex customer questions
  • 24/7 Service desk
  • Access to management tools – also for service and maintenance

Would you like to know more about our cooperation with installers?

ACS is a trusted supplier and knowledge partner for data-based building control.