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Buildings consume about 35% of all energy worldwide. Heating, cooling and ventilation are a major part of this. However, the installations responsible for this (all boilers, pumps, air handling units, valves etc) are often not properly configured. This should be better, smarter and more modern. And it starts with Climatics.


With a Smartbase we connect all installations and sensors in a building to Climatics. Climatics makes a digital twin of the installation, collects data and provides real-time values ​​(every 10 seconds). As a user, you now have more control over your installation and you can start to manage it more efficiently.


Software that can control installations based on high-frequency data can make an installation much more economical, while maintaining comfort and good air quality. Lots of data allow you to look ahead, spot energy-losses quickly and make more stable settings.

Through smart use of data in machine learning algorithms, an installation can function much more efficiently. Let your building learn the best settings for the installation. This way you achieve the comfort levels you want, without losing a lot of energy.


Align your consumption with the current energy rates. It is possible with Holonics. Smartly postpone consumption by looking at when rates are low, or make smart use of the building’s ‘natural’ buffers, such as swimming pools and elevators. With this technology you save a lot of money on the energy bill.

We manage engines

Every building larger than a house is equipped with a complex HVAC installation. We treat the controls of the installation as if they were a motor. Just like with your car, have the ‘engine’ checked regularly to keep your building performing at its best.

At the moment, the control technology of the technical installation is often checked only once. At commissioning. But a building often shows different behavior than what is visible in the design. For example, much less use of certain areas or certain offices are always warming up very quickly because the sun shines in.

Smarter use of existing equipment will become the new standard. ACS is at the forefront of using data and machine learning to make buildings function better. For energy consumption, but also for comfort and health.